Heart rate monitor for Galaxy S4

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Where smartphones were formerly used mainly for calling and texting, and later for music, video, internet, social media and other content, is Samsung even further. The Galaxy S4 is because your personal trainer. You use the GSM or effective exercise and why you need the Heart Rate Monitor accessory.


This pulse meter registers accurately your real-time heart rate and that way you can see the intensity of your workout control. The accessory works with various applications, including the Running Pro App that you can download for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung itself has a number of applications developed for your health in the monitor. One is S Health (who also works with the HRM Accessory).
The heart rate monitor is the official price list of Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories $ 79.99 fee. There was at the time of writing no accessory shop that services in the Netherlands, we are therefore unaware of what this is going to cost.

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