Health on the Galaxy S4 (step count, calories burned)

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a thermometer, a humidity sensor and a pedometer – not the most obvious sensors for a smartphone, but especially in the S Health application that standard on the device is present, its usefulness clear.

With the S Health app lets you keep track of which instance you are walking distance, calories burned, and how much you need to move to a particular ‘target’ to retrieve (for example, if you enter exactly what you’ve eaten). The possibilities can be further expanded with a number of later available accessories, such as the S band, a heart rate monitor and even a special scales.

With the thermometer tells the Galaxy S4 not only what the outside temperature and humidity, according to the weather, but also just in the place where you are at that moment. If you wish, the unit warns you when it’s too hot (or cold) or too wet (or dry) is.

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