According to some reports from the network, some users they would be having problems with overheating on the new tablet by Samsung, the Galaxy S Tab 8.4. The fact seems to occur mainly during the use of games and programs that require a heavy workload for the CPU core Exynos octa installed, coming to situations in which the heat produced is so excessive as to cause the deformation of the plastic material of the devices.

The images in the gallery show a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 suffering from this problem and show that, indeed, the cover of the device has undergone deformation due to heat, presenting bulges in the back. Probably in an attempt to contain all the hardware in just 6.6 millimeters thick, Samsung has paid little attention to the problem of heat dissipation, leading to the occurrence of this unfortunate consequence.

When questioned on the matter, Samsung Russia has responded to users who have complained about the problem and assured him that, although the type of damage does not affect the use of the device, they should contact Customer Service to replace the damaged piece.

Samsung S tab

Samsung has released a new video to promote his TV Ultra HD with curved screen. The Korean company focuses very decision about these products, as evidenced by the wide range of products that make it up: in addition to HU8500, the top model with One Connect Box (the external device that contains electronic inputs and TV tuners, acting also as a means to expand the capabilities of the TV, in the future), I then got HU8200 (a slightly simplified version, without One Connect Box with Stand and slightly thinner), HU7200 and HU7100.

Samsung claims that the curved TV allow you to play more realistic images, with a more enveloping, thanks to the curvature of the screen, which would provide a wider field of view and a panoramic effect.

Barely a month from Young Galaxy and Galaxy 2 Star 2, Samsung would be to officially announce a new low-end device, called Samsung Galaxy Star Advance (SM-G350E). The store Indian Mahesh Telecom has published the specifications on their Facebook page:

Display 4.3 “WVGA (480 x 800 pixels)
Dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz (make and model unknown)
3-megapixel rear camera with flash (missing the front camera)
512 MB ​​RAM, 4GB of internal memory
Optional dual-SIM
Battery 1800 mAh
HSPA, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Android 4.4.2

The device should be available in two colors, black and white, although at the moment we only pictures of the white one. The price at Mahesh Telecom is 7299 rupees, about 89 but the official price should be somewhere around 9400 rupees, about 114 . It is not currently known whether the phone will be exported to other markets.

After seeing the review of the model from 10.5, we are ready with the review of the Samsung Galaxy S Tab 8.4, the top range of Samsung Tablet in a smaller size and the more interesting the older brother thanks to its compact size and weight to a record.

Samsung Galaxy S Tab 8.4 offers the best hardware available today on the market thanks to the use of the processor Exynos 5420 Octa Core consists of four Cortex A7 and Cortex A15 and four ARM Mali-T628 GPU MP6. There is no shortage 3GB of RAM and a display with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels well, obviously Super Amoled. Added to this is the presence of support SIM and LTE connectivity that allows you not only to navigate wherever we are but also send text messages and make phone calls.
Galaxy S Tab
A tablet is not really complete what is lacking in virtually nothing, infrared port and wireless connectivity of all types including. Exceptional then the weight and thickness: 298 grams for only 212.8 x 125.6 x 6.6 mm. All with an extremely enjoyable, more successful than S5 and two different colors available on the market. Great assembly, pleasant feedback and firm grip thanks to the rubberized back cover.

The strength of this product, and twin S Tab 10.5 inches. is undoubtedly the display. Let’s talk about an 8.4 inch showing, finally, the Super AMOLED technology on a tablet after the first Tab 7.7 that although the exceptional quality, was particularly fortunate because of patents and legal disputes with Apple.

With a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels and excellent brightness, all content is displayed in an exceptional way and is definitely the best display ever seen on a tablet, even better than the Retina iPad Mini. There is no shortage of options for managing thousands of colors that not only allows you to automatically adjust contrast and color gamut based on the content displayed, but you can choose different profiles to better fit the color temperature to our preferences.

Excellent viewing angles, and then the feeling with the touch screen always perfect. There are also energy-saving options that blend well with the AMOLED technology (we will see shortly).

Despite the reduced weight and the extremely thin thickness, is of 4900 mAh battery capacity that allows to have good autonomy. Everything of course depends on the type of use made ​​and considering that gaming can be an important component which joins the LTE connectivity, you do not always get to evening with the tablet load. Obviously using it in “normal” mode even two days to reach but a lot depends on the use made ​​of it. In general, however Tab 8.4 is a sample of duration and discharged before or Retina iPad Mini Xiaomi MiPad: also tends to warm up a bit using advanced stress.

As mentioned above, however, we have two ways of energy saving advanced. The first allows you to view the screen in black and white by exploiting the peculiarities dell’Amoled and reducing power consumption dramatically. The second one applies to Ui minimal graphics with black background and icons in grayscale cutting also part of the active connectivity. A similar solution to the one seen on Galaxy S5 that can surely come to the rescue.

It is surprising that the camera provides excellent quality thanks to the 8 megapixel camera is available for both software identical to the Galaxy S5 that allows you to make great shots, have a focus very quickly, and manage the many options available. In short, a tablet that makes photos and also does very well.

Same goes for the 1080p video that are certainly more than satisfactory considering that we are talking about a tablet.

One of the features introduced in the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and implemented / incoming on other devices with Samsung AMOLED display, on which the Korean manufacturer is focusing a lot, it is the Ultra Power Saving Mode. It is a software feature that allows you to noticeably extend the battery life by acting on some parameters, eliminating the display colors and limiting some features. To demonstrate the effective of this feature, comes a video in which S5 is able to withstand an entire week.
Samsung Galaxy S5
Of course, do not expect hours of calls, internet, 4G and posts like crazy. The use made ​​of the smartphone is rather bland and the information are very few but it is a promotional video and therefore we can not expect a trial “objective.”
In short:

3504 miglira made
7 days in a strange
150 hours of gviaggio
86 text messages
119 pictures
4 + recorded video
16 + calls
13 were visited

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